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About LifeBook

We're frequently on the run juggling various errands and tasks but we often find that we don't have the necessary information at hand to complete them. We sometimes drop the ball. We face the daunting challenge of maintaining ever greater amounts of information to keep our households running smoothly. It's frustrating and time-consuming when we find it necessary to track down information from various sources. And it's even more frustrating when we can't locate the information at all. It's time to turn to LifeBook.

LifeBook is a household information management system designed to help you organize names, contact information, passwords, model numbers, medications, bank accounts, insurance policies, and many other types of key information. It's an easy-to-use method of managing the record-keeping that goes along with the contemporary, information-laden home. It allows you to customize and update information in a simple but effective way, so that it is easily retrievable by anyone who needs it.