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About Easy Life Publications

One day two brothers decided it was time to get their households better organized. Too much information was scattered in too many places. Too much time was being wasted looking for passwords, usernames, access codes, maintenance records, contact information, and other details involved in living in the modern age. Sometimes the information couldn't be found at all. They devised a central information-keeping system which became LifeBook, and created a publishing company called Easy Life Publications to produce it. The goal of Easy Life Publications is to help people help themselves by providing simple tools to organize and make life easier.

Doug Zurick has decades of corporate executive work experience in the areas of design, engineering, business consultancy, and sales management. Dave Zurick comes from a career in higher education and is the author of numerous books. The professional backgrounds of the two brothers, their upbringing and personal histories of maintaining households, alongside their shared traits of efficiency and organization, uniquely qualify them to produce LifeBook.

Easy Life Publications contact information:
Post Office Box 9172 Asheville, NC 28815-0172.
Email: easylifebooks@gmail.com.